Thrice your Senior - is:
    Kathy Chandler   (61 y/o)        See Pics 1980's
    Jim Hawthorne    (57 y/o)

We may be old, be we still ROCK ! ! !  All of our Baby- Boomer brothers and sisters that were at all of the shows... Day on the Green, Monsters of Metal, Winterland, come join us . . . we’re Thrice Your Senior!

You are part of all that makes rock live on, the fans, the players, the lovers of the music. Throw on your leather and help us . . .

At the core of Thrice Your Senior is Jim Hawthorne and Kathy Chandler (K.C.), a couple of seasoned live players from back in the day (70’s and 80’s), who refuse to give up the craft, and who demand to get you out of your seat! We drug our amplifiers all over the country playing any and every gig we could, while working our day jobs to keep strings on the guitars!

Now we’re calling on our rock community to support us in our retirement, and buy our album (CD, Download, Stream) ‘cuz the cost of BenGay keeps going up and we ain’t getting any .  .  .  . . . Read more

Check out our radio debut on 100.3 The-X !